Snakes & Ladders

A classic! Snakes and Ladders is great game for all ages and is easy to play even when all players are not in the same room. Just print out a board for yourself and a board for your loved one, send them their copy along with the other gaming equipment needed, and play over the phone! Make sure to move the pieces for the people who are playing on the other end of the phone. As for the game rules, it’s simple: go up the ladders, down the snakes, first to the finish wins!

Tips for effective gameplay:

  • When you land on a space, tell everyone what (colour) playing piece you are and what space number you have landed on. This will help avoid confusion which can occur when you’re playing on separate boards.
  • Stick with the same (colour) playing piece during each gaming session to avoid confusion (my nan, mum and I used to change the colour of our playing pieces each game – caused absolute chaos and confusion!)
  • Have patience! When playing games over the phone, it’s inevitable that at some point, confusion can occur and people are no longer sure on which space everyone is. Taking the time to solve the problem will mean you will have more fun in the long run! 

Download below!


Playing time:
5 – 10 min

Download below

Equipment needed
(per player):
1) One dice
2) Playing pieces
(as many as there are people playing)
(if you are unable to buy playing pieces, you can alternatively use different everyday household objects
e.g. erasers, buttons, coins…)
3) A print out of the Snakes & Ladders
board (download

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that phone calls cost money, so be sure to check your phone credit situation first. If you’re a kid, also make sure to check with your grown-ups before downloading anything or making any calls! 😊

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