Noughts & Crosses

A game that’s stood the test of time! Also known as Tic-Tac-Toe, all you have to do is try and get three Xs or three Os in a row. The board has been adapted so you can easily tell the other player in which space you’re making your move.
Just print out a board, have a friend print out one for themselves or send them a copy, and get playing over the phone!

Tips for effective gameplay:

  • You can save paper by using everyday objects, such as coins or buttons, instead of drawing on the board.
  • Have patience! When playing games over the phone, it’s inevitable that at some point, confusion can occur and people are no longer sure in which space everyone has taken their turn. Taking the time to solve the problem will mean you will have more fun in the long run! 

Download below!

(can also be played in 2 small teams)

Playing time:

Download below

Equipment needed (per player):
1) One pen or pencil
2) A print out of the Noughts & Crosses board (download below)

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that phone calls cost money, so be sure to check your phone credit situation first. If you’re a kid, also make sure to check with your grown-ups before downloading anything or making any calls! 😊

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